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Lazy Simon used to do just enough to get by. But Fast Simon has woken up and changed his thinking – and it’s time for you to do the same. Open your eyes to the Surface as a Service opportunity, with Westcoast.

Our offering makes it easy for your customers to purchase the latest Surface technology, and we’re here to provide you with all the flexibility you need to go out and win the next deal.

No more up-front costs.

Build your bundles and
stay flexible – forever.


Play our game for a chance to win a prize.


In this brief guide, we’ll introduce you to Surface as a Service, the benefits for you and some of the challenges you may face on the road to the sale.

Wakey, wakey!

Get up and go get yours. Watch our short video to see

the benefits of Surface as a Service for yourself.

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With Surface as a Service from Westcoast, no deal is too big or too small. The only limit is your ambition. Use our helpful resources to learn how to sell Surface and understand the advantages of our service-based approach.

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